Understanding The Basics of Keyword Research

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Know what your viewers want to find.

You need to have a thorough understanding of your target market to carry out keyword research effectively. Some of the information you need to know includes how consumers are searching for your product, service, or content. With keyword research, you will have specific data to answer the following questions:

  • Demographics of people searching for your product?
  • What and how many people are searching for it?
  • How do they want the information to be presented?

Rank Mystery will help you understand the tools and strategies to get that information and learn effective keyword research tactics.

Ask the following question before keyword research:

Firstly, we need to understand your customers and their aim before helping grow your business through SEO. Most people often cut corners at this stage, but we do not cut corners as we promise to deliver excellent keyword research service to our clients. 

Before we carry out keyword research, we take our time to understand your audience and then use keyword data to know the right keywords to rank for. With this, we are certain that your business will experience a more successful campaign instead of using keywords we believe you should rank for.

What are frequently searched keywords?

You may describe what you do, but are consumers also searching for the service or product that you offer? Getting the right answer to this question is a very important step in the keyword research method.

Keyword Discovery

We know you might want to rank for some specific keywords, and we advise you to start from there as it forms the basis of your entire research. The keywords can be entered into a keyword research tool that will show you the search volume every month and similar keywords. This keyword discovery stage will help you understand the popular keyword variations amongst web searchers.

What is the keyword search frequency?

Revealing search volume

 The keyword search volume plays a crucial role in determining the amount of work to achieve higher rankings. A high keyword search volume means more work needs to be done to attain a more top ranking. In this scenario, it’s referred to as keyword difficulty. 

Big corporations usually use the top 10 high-volume keywords, so this makes it a daunting task for small or new businesses hoping to build an online presence.

Usually, a high search engine means high competition, and effort is needed to attain organic ranking success. Also, if the search engine result is too low, there is a possibility that it won’t draw any searchers to your site. There are also other cases where you may choose to focus on highly specific keywords with lower competition. This is called long-tail keywords, and it comes with its advantage.

Understanding the long tail

As we have mentioned earlier about the long-tail keywords, we need to stress that targeting specific high ranking keywords is okay, but it’s not always the best as they only make up a tiny percentage of all web searches. Nowadays, we have the long-tail keywords which help to take care of keyword research.

Getting strategic with search volume

Since you have identified the appropriate search terms and volumes for your website, you can get even more strategic as you study your competitors and figure out how the differences in search results based on season or location.

Keywords by competitor

There is a tendency to compile many keywords, so you might not know which one to focus on first. You could be well served to prioritize high-volume keywords that are not ranked by your competitors. 

You could also check your list to identify and prioritize the keywords already ranked by your competitors. You can choose an entirely different keyword if you intend to utilize your competitors’ missed opportunities, while the other idea sets you up for a keyword competition with competitors.

Keywords by season

You can utilize seasonal trends to set up a good content strategy. For instance, if you noticed a sharp increase in the price of “Christmas box” from October through December. To achieve this, write the content in advance and post them around those months.

Keywords by region

You can effectively use a keyword to streamline your search to specific counties, towns, or states, or choose based on the subregion. This is mainly related to location-specific queries and plays a vital role in getting top-ranked in your targeted areas.

We have discussed how important it is to do thorough keyword research before providing content or promotional copy. Understand what your customers want and are searching for, then you will experience amazing results in SEO and keyword research. This and many more are the services we offer at Rank Mystery.

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