Role of SEO in Generating Cost Effective Leads

seo is cost effective lead generation method

SEO is mainly responsible for increasing traffic on your website. With SEO you review your website’s ON Page and OFF page optimizations which makes it more search engine friendly.

“Content is King” many times you must have heard that quote used by SEO professionals. Like this various SEO, aspects are also necessary for SEO not only just the content. SEO and lead generation are two different and independent marketing terms, but quality SEO can get you a lot of leads, this is true. This is the main reason SEO for small businesses is an important marketing method. This article will explain to you how SEO leads to lead generation.

How SEO is a cost-effective lead generation method.

Referral Traffic and Leads: In the process of working on OFF page SEO you would earn a lot of backlinks from quality websites. These quality websites will have their own audience of readers and subscribers who can visit your website. This is a good example of referral traffic, so try to get links from the relevant niche website to divert more genuine traffic to your website. This referral traffic always has better higher chances of getting converted as leads.

Leads from Google Organic Traffic: You can outrank your competitors and rank higher on your targeted keywords in Google.  In this way, you will get a lot of organic traffic from Google searches on your website. This traffic always has a better chance of getting converted in leads and these leads are more sales-oriented.

Online Reputation Management: Top rank in Google results does always have higher brand awareness and trustworthiness. People always see top SEO results in Google as more credible and reputed as Google already filtered these results for you. With this trust, more people would engage with your contact forms and call buttons which are always hot leads.

Low Bounce Rate: If your website would have more organic traffic then your bounce must be lower than 40% approximately, which is considered a good number. A lower bounce rate means people are liking your website content and they are on a relevant page where they wanted to be. So lower bounce will improve your SEO ranking for other keywords, and you will have more exposure to getting quality and cost-effective leads.

Retargeting of SEO Traffic: Organic SEO traffic always has a higher buying intent. If for some reason you are not able to convert your organic traffic into leads, then you can retarget them with Google ads which are called a remarketing campaign.


There are many online marketing methods but when it comes to choosing cost-effective methods SEO is a top priority for marketers. SEO is a time-consuming activity, but it gives you long-term benefits. So, use SEO with other marketing strategies to get the best ROI on your marketing budget.

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