How to create a YouTube Channel: 10 Simple and easy steps

how to create a YouTube channel

Creating a YouTube account and setting up a YouTube Channel often seems very difficult, like it is with most social networks. You don’t need to stress yourself anymore. YouTube has gained widespread popularity as a social video platform among young people. A good percentage of the population uses YouTube, in contrast to the 69% who are Facebook users.

However, more than half of these people also visit YouTube each day. The reality stands that YouTube is ranked as the second website with the most visits. It comes behind Google, its originating company.

With this wide coverage, you can’t afford to lie on the sidewalks and let your business miss out on such an opportunity.

Step 1: Create a Google account


If you have signed into Google Maps, Gmail, Google Play and related Google services at any time, then you have a Google account already. If this is the case, you can move on to the next phase.

You need not worry about the suitability of this name and email address for your brand. Your Google account details don’t link directly to your YouTube account. With your account details, you have all you need to get to set up a YouTube channel.

Nonetheless, if you don’t have an existing Google account, you can get one by following these steps.

1. Visit the Google account creation page. You can decide to create a new Gmail address for your brand or go with an existing one.

2. Put in your details and click Next.

Step 2: Create an account on YouTube for your brand

With your Google account, you are entitled to a personal YouTube account. But, you should know that creating an account on YouTube for your business requires creating a brand account too.

You get to manage your YouTube channel alone when you have a personalized YouTube account. The name on your Channel will also be the same as your Google account. This goes to say that your brand name is the ideal option to use.

As you create an account on YouTube for your brand, you can also grant access to your team members by customizing your Channel. We have a simple way to do this.

1. The first step is to log in to YouTube. Do this with your Google account details.

2. Proceed to your YouTube channel page. If you don’t have one already, all you’ll see is your account. If there’s one already existing, you will see it too. Create a new channel for your brand by clicking on Create a new channel in the setting option from the right side dropdown.

3. Type in your company or brand name and click on Create

If you revisit your channels page, your personal and company account will both show on the page.


With your company account, you can access YouTube analytics. This gives you an idea of the people watching your videos and the kind of content they acknowledge and give reactions best. Read Up our post to earn more about using YouTube as a marketing avenue.


Step 3: Include your brand identity


As is common with most social channels, it is important to portray a confident brand identity. It is easy.


1. Log into YouTube using a PC or laptop. Also, you can edit images on your YouTube channel using your computer. In this case, a mobile device may not work.


2. Click on your profile icon. This is located at the top right of your screen. Then select Your Channel.


3. Place your cursor on your profile image. This brings your Edit channel icon. Next, Upload an image, and adjust it. It is ideal to use your company logo as your channel icon. The ideal size for an image is 800 x 800 pixels. On YouTube, it transforms to 98 x 98 pixels.


4. Pop up the Edit channel art function by clicking on the banner image. The ideal size for this image is 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. You can preview your cover art all over again on various devices and make necessary adjustments and cropping.

To ensure your cover image is suitable for all screens, the best template to use is that of YouTube.

Insert links to your channel banner on YouTube


1. Sign in to YouTube using a laptop or PC, scroll to your Channel and click on the Customize channel icon.


2. Select the About tab, then go to Links and click on it.


3. Click on the pencil icon. This enables you to add links that show over your channel banner image.


4. Go to your website details. You can decide on the number of links you want to add. When you add links to social media platforms, it shows on your page with these icons as seen below.


Step 4: Now you are ready to upload your first video


At this point, I have to congratulate you for this feat! You have succeeded in creating a YouTube channel. Now you need to start putting quality and captivating content for your audience.

1. Log into your YouTube channel

2. Select the Post or Create a Video button, located at the top section of your screen. This looks like a small video camera.


3. Select Upload video.

4. Choose a video from your PC or laptop you want to upload.

5. As your video uploads, add a title and description. The title should be about 100 characters, with the description having 1000 characters. Ensure you add important keywords in your description. However, don’t stuff your keywords.


6. Select the Publish icon.

Are you confused about the kind of content to include in your videos? Go through our simple guide on YouTube marketing to get great ideas on content creation.


Step 5: Design a structure for your YouTube channel


After posting videos on your YouTube channel, the next crucial step to take is to organize the Channel. This doesn’t necessarily mean lumping all your videos together or making your recent videos show up first at all times. Give thoughts to how people will navigate your Channel. Create an account structure to fit into your proposed design.


For instance, the Hootsuite YouTube page has categories that cover training on Hootsuite, product information, customer stories and marketing information on social media.


Placing these videos in categories makes it easier to navigate the Channel and also use the content easily.


This structure is subject to change as you can decide to make adjustments later. However, it is best to build a primary framework when you want to start a YouTube channel. You can have about ten categories for each Channel.


The basic thing to do is to arrange your playlists. For every playlist, you can transform it into a different section.


1. Log in to YouTube. Go to your Channel, and then click on Customize channel.


2. Select the Playlists tab.


3. Click on New playlist.


4. Give your playlist a title. You can use about 150 characters. Then click Create.


5. You’ll see a screen where you can input your new video playlist. Now select Edit.


6. Click on Add videos tab.

7. Select Your YouTube videos.

8. Choose the videos to be included in your playlist. Click on Add videos.

Avoid creating random playlists. Every playlist should be straightforward and portray a clear focus. Over time, it should make a logical advancement from one video to the next. The aim is to capture your audience’s attention and keep them glued to your Channel. We have a few tips that will help you create relevant playlists. Check out our report on how to get more YouTube subscribers to your Channel.


The next step is to create channel sections on YouTube using your playlists:

1. Use your computer to sign into YouTube, next go to your Channel and click Customize channel.


2. At the bottom side of the screen, you will see Add a section. Click on it.


3. Choose Single Playlist from the drop-down menu


4. Select My Playlists for the “choose a playlist” section


5. At the “Find Playlist” drop-down menu, select the playlist you intend to make as its section.


6. Click Done.


Step 6: Create a short intro (channel trailer)


Channel trailers are short videos that serve as an introduction about the Channel to new visitors. It should be used to show visitors and new viewers why they should subscribe to keep watching your videos.


Here are the steps on how to make a YouTube channel trailer.


1. Upload your desired video for the channel trailer to YouTube.


2. Go and click Customize channel on your Channel.


3. Click on the tab titled “For new visitors” and click Channel trailer.


4. Choose the desired video for your trailer, and click Save.


Step 7: Make it easy to discover your Channel


Since you have learnt how to set up a YouTube channel, ensure your contents are well-prepared. It’s time to go live and make sure people discover your Channel. Here are some ways to achieve this.

Include channel keywords


1. Log on to YouTube; click your profile icon at the top right side.


2. A drop-down menu appears, choose Creator Studio.


3. Next, click Channel on the left menu. Then, click Advanced in the menu that appears beneath.


4. Insert content relevant keywords in the “Channel keywords” section. Ensure you focus solely on content related keywords.


Allow channel recommendation


1. Scroll to the Channel recommendations section, and click on the option that reads “allow my channel to appear in other channels’ recommendations”.


2. Click Save.


Include a channel description


1. Click Customize Channel on your YouTube channel page.


2. Next click on the About tab.


3. Type in your channel description and take note of the 1,500 character limit. Be sure to add relevant keywords to enhance the visibility of your Channel.


Step 8: Add team members


You have successfully created and optimized your YouTube channel. The next thing is to include team members to assist you in managing it.


1. Sign in, click your profile icon at the top right


2. Choose Settings in the drop-down menu.


3. You will see Add or remove managers at the page bottom, click on it.


4. Click on Manage permissions.


5. Invite new users by clicking on the people icon at the top right.


6. Add your new team members email addresses to your account and select a role for each person. As owners, they have unrestricted access to the account as they can delete other accounts and add new users while as managers, they can post videos.


7. Click Invite and Done.


Step 9: Access more features by verifying your account


There is a need to verify your YouTube account so that you can upload videos that last more than 15 minutes while you can also customize thumbnails for your videos. To verify your channel:


1. Go to


2. Select your desired country, and state the mode you want to receive your verification code with, either by text or through an automated voice message.


3. Enter your mobile number.


4. Enter the verification code sent to you and click Submit.


5. Click Continue.


You have got your channel verified. You’ll start to notice that the option to upload videos with a longer length and create custom thumbnails is now available.


Step 10: Join the YouTube Partner Program to allow you to add more features


As you reach over 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours within 12 months, you can apply to participate in the YouTube Partner Program.

Once you join this program, more features will be unlocked for your YouTube channel and you can monetize your Channel.


1. Sign in and click your profile icon at the top right corner


2. Choose Creator Studio from the drop-down menu


3. At the left menu, click Channel. Then, another menu appears underneath where you should click on Status and features.


4. You will see the monetization box, click Enable.


5. Carefully follow the steps as you are guided through the monetization application process. Check the box to indicate you have read and agreed to the YouTube Partner Program terms.


6. You may have to wait a while as presently, it takes over one month for YouTube Partner Program applications to be reviewed.




It might seem overwhelming to make channel on YouTube, but note that “content is king” so, ensure your content is top-notch. Learning how to create a YouTube account is simple with the steps mentioned earlier and you can make adjustments to your YouTube channel consistently. How do you make a YouTube channel? Try out our step-by-step process to create your YouTube channel. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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